Where can I study?

You Said:
Please provide a spreadsheet of rooms available for Study

We did:
We have various ways to find out where there is free space to study.

We don’t have a spreadsheet, but we have created 2 web pages which provide live information about PC availability on campus (including the availability of our new laptop loans).

Open Access PCs (Library, Laptop Loans and Pathfoot Mezzanine)

Teaching Labs

Study space elsewhere

Unoccupied teaching rooms, computing labs
If you find a teaching room or computing lab lying empty, you are welcome to make use of it. To find out if rooms are free you can check resourcebooker.stir.ac.uk to see availability.

Willow court board room
There is a room next to Willow court receptions which seat 12 and has a 42-inch screen which you can connect your laptop to. Connection cables are not supplied, however. The room is owned by Accommodation Services and is used for meetings. However, students are welcome to book the room around staff meetings. You can book willow court boardroom in the same way that you book library group study rooms – via your student email.

Find out how to book a group study room