Temporary withdrawal of VPN service

Information Services have been made aware of an industry wide security vulnerability with the VPN service, which enables you to connect to university IT resources from off campus.  As a consequence, we are temporarily withdrawing the VPN service while the issue is addressed by vendors.  We expect the VPN to be restored early next week and we will circulate an update at that point.

If you are a remote desktop user, this should not affect you if you are configured to use the Remote Desktop Gateway (anybody who has set up Remote Desktop in the last couple of years should be fine).  If your remote desktop stops working, please see our instructions on how to set up a new connection: http://stir.ac.uk/1s2  (see section 2 on setting up your home PC).

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the temporary removal of the VPN service, which is a necessary security precaution.