Goodbye COPAC, Hello Library Hub Discover

On 31st July Library Hub Discover was launched by JISC. This service replaces both COPAC and SUNCAT.

It includes the catalogues of 117 university and research libraries in the UK and Ireland and there are plans to add more in the future (including Stirling University’s catalogue – coming soon!).

The new service offers much of the same functionality as COPAC, but be sure to click on More Search Options to see the full range of searches possible. You can now search for a map by scale. Another new function is the option to limit your search to libraries in a geographical region. You should also find that search response times are a bit faster than COPAC.

Library Hub Discover will be useful if you want to:

  • find out which other libraries have a particular book or journal – you may be able to visit and read the item there;
  • discover books published on a particular subject. The British Library (which has every book published in Britain) is included.

Helen Beardsley
Academic Liaison Librarian