Top ten papers from our Research Repository in June #StirTopTenPapers

During June there were 37,380 downloads from our University repository, STORRE, covering 4,915 research publications.

The top ten downloaded items were:

1. Was Weber Wrong? A Human Capital Theory of Protestant Economic History. By Becker, Sascha; Woessmann, Ludger Downloads: 363

2. A Systematic Review of the Impact of Summative Assessment and Tests on Students’ Motivation for Learning. By Harlen, Wynne; Crick, Ruth Deakin; Broadfoot, Patricia; Daugherty, Richard; Gardner, John; James, Mary; Stobart, Gordon Downloads: 281

3. The Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights: An Overview. By Cruft, Rowan; Liao, S Matthew; Renzo, Massimo Downloads: 219

4. Competitive Analysis of the Retail Sector in the UK. By Burt, Steven; Sparks, Leigh Downloads: 186

5. Career transitions. By Gordon, Sandy; Lavallee, David Downloads: 174

6. Risk and protective factors for suicide and suicidal behaviour: a literature review. By McLean, Joanne; Maxwell, Margaret; Platt, Stephen; Harris, Fiona; Jepson, Ruth Downloads: 161

7. The role of health consciousness, food safety concern and ethical identity on attitudes and intentions towards organic food. By Michaelidou, Nina; Hassan, Louise Downloads: 159

8. Pedagogy: the silent partner in early years learning. By Stephen, Christine Downloads: 149

9. Career transitions in sport: European perspectives. By Wylleman, Paul; Alfermann, Dorothee; Lavallee, David Downloads: 137

10. How does working memory work in the classroom? By Alloway, Tracy Packiam Downloads: 134


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