IT accounts (For staff not on the HR System)

As part of our ongoing work towards Cyber Essentials compliance, we are reviewing our processes related to network account creation and security.

The current process to apply for a temporary account for staff not on the HR system (e.g. affiliated staff, agency staff, visiting staff, etc.) is paper based and insecure. This paper form is known as the ‘Application for computer use’.

We need to move to a more secure process whereby only nominated staff can authorise the creation of a temporary account. We already have a list of authorisers for network permissions requests (e.g. network folder access, mailbox access, etc.) We propose to use this list as the approved individuals who can authorise application for temporary IT accounts in your faculty or service area. If you would like to amend the list of authorisers for your area, please request the change using our online form, here. Please note that this form can only be completed by individuals on the authorisation list.

From the week beginning the 20th May, applications for temporary network accounts must be made from our new UniDesk form ‘Application for IT Access’ – this replaces the old ‘Application for computer use’ paper form. The form should be completed and submitted by a current staff member, who should identify a named person from the authorisation list for their area. Subsequently, this named person will be required to authorise the application. From this date, the form will be linked from the IT > accounts section of UniDesk.

We believe these changes will not only improve the application process but will shift us from a paper-based process to a faster, secure digital one.

If you have any concerns or comments about this change please email us at

From the 20 May 2019 please request IT account for staff/visitors who will not be on the HR system (SAP) by accessing the web form linked from the IT>accounts section of UniDesk