Top ten thesis downloads in April #StirTopTenTheses

During April 1,270 theses in our research repository, STORRE, were downloaded a total of 21,609 times.

The top ten downloaded theses were:

1. Towards A Novel Unified Framework for Developing Formal, Network and Validated Agent-Based Simulation Models of Complex Adaptive Systems. By Niazi, Muaz A K Downloads: 2,166

2. Dimensions of service quality and service climate: a study of bank customers and employees in four local Malaysian banks. By Ab. Wahab, Norailis Downloads: 720

3. Scholarly publishing in Africa: a case study of African university presses. By Darko-Ampem, Kwasi Otu Downloads: 633

4. The timing of the passing of property and risk under the English Sale of Goods Act 1979, the CISG and the Libyan law– the interplay between the principle of party autonomy and the default rule. By Aboukdir, Anwar Downloads: 343

5. Shakespeare and the Genre of Comedy. By Doyle, Anne-Marie Downloads: 289

6. The Legal Aspects of Cybercrime in Nigeria: An Analysis with the UK Provisions. By Ibekwe, Chibuko Raphael Downloads: 260

7. Drawing as a Method for Accessing Young Children’s Perspectives in Research. By Duncan, Pauline A. Downloads: 255

8. The Loyalist Regiments of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783. By Salmon, Stuart Downloads: 254

9. Developing a conceptual framework for integrating risk management in the innovation project. By Khorakian, Alireza Downloads: 236

10. The Representations Of Serial Killers. By Connelly, Peter J.M. Downloads: 229


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