Stirling’s Top 5 most mentioned publications in February

Here’s the Top Five most mentioned Stirling papers during February.  This listing is compiled using Altmetric data. Altmetric track mentions in online news stories, policy documents, blog posts, twitter, Wikipedia, mendeley, facebook, etc.

Congratulations to all our authors who made it into the Top Five!!


808 mentions in February

Swinburn BA, Kraak VI, Allender S, Atkins VJ, Baker PI, Bogard JR, Brinsden H, Calvillo A, De Schutter O, Devarajan R, Ezzati M, Friel S, Goenka S, Hammond RA & Hastings G (2019) The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change: The Lancet Commission report (Forthcoming/Available Online). Lancet Full text available on request from:


235 mentions in February

Wyke S, Bunn C, Andersen E, Silva MN, van Nassau F, McSkimming P, Kolovos S, Gill JMR, Gray CM, Hunt K, Anderson AS, Bosmans J, Jelsma JGM, Kean S & Lemyre N (2019) The effect of a programme to improve men’s sedentary time and physical activity: The European Fans in Training (EuroFIT) randomised controlled trial. PLOS Medicine, 16 (2), Art. No.: e1002736.


175 mentions in February

Miller D & Dinan W (2016) Digging Deeper: big data, elites and investigative research. In: McKie L & Ryan L (eds.) An End to the Crisis of Empirical Sociology? Trends and challenges in social research. Sociological Futures (BSA). London: Routledge, pp. 49-64.


134 mentions in February

Critchlow N, MacKintosh AM, Thomas C, Hooper L & Vohra J (2018) Participation with alcohol marketing and user-created promotion on social media, and the association with higher-risk alcohol consumption and brand identification among adolescents in the UK (Forthcoming/Available Online). [Social media, higher-risk consumption, and brand identification]. Addiction Research and Theory Full text available on request from:


72 mentions in February

Marcinkowska UM, Rantala MJ, Lee AJ, Kozlov MV, Aavik T, Cai H, Contreras-Garduño J, David OA, Kaminski G, Li NP, Onyishi IE, Prasai K, Pazhoohi F, Prokop P & Rosales Cardozo SL (2018) Women’s preferences for men’s facial masculinity are strongest under favourable ecological conditions. Scientific Reports. 9, Art. No.: 3387.

Clare Allan
Senior Research Librarian