Former student’s flower art sparks thesis digitisation #ThesisThursday

#ThesisThursday has reminded me of one of my favourite older theses that has made it into our Open Access Repository, STORRE.  This particular digitisation has a bit of a story behind it.


In February 2018 I heard that our alumnus, Janet Watson, had been inspired to make beautiful watercolour paintings of a flower that had been discovered by Stirling researcher Dr Mario Vallejo- Marin. Janet had seen a report on BBC news about Mario’s fieldwork and his recent find of the Shetland monkeyflower. As a result Janet contacted Mario and visited his University lab, where he gave her a couple of plants to take home so she could paint them.  Janet’s paintings were later exhibited at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Flora Scotia – Scotland’s contribution to Botanical Art Worldwide. The full story is at:


Then I learned that Janet had been one of Stirling’s earliest students and had carried out her PhD in the same department that Mario now works in.


This was such a charming, touching story that it inspired us in the Library. I knew I wanted Janet’s thesis see the light of day again. We pulled the old paper copy off the library stacks for digitisation and added the thesis to STORRE. So now a whole new generation of researchers can easily access and read Janet’s work.


#ThesisThursday Featured Thesis

Evolution in a heterogeneous environment. By Janet Watson




Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian

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