(online training in software & skills)

The University has a subscription to  This is accessible from the Portal for both staff and students.

To access click on the link or click on the image.


We have also created a Lynda page which has tailored playlists for  Stirling students, Teaching staff, Researchers and staff.  You can either click on the link on the portal or access it from the following page

You can find many different types of learning paths on  Here is a quick list of topics covered (but there are many, many more)

  • Programming
  • SPSS statistics
  • Software – e.g. Word long documents (V. handy if you are about to start word processing your dissertation)
  • Canvas
  • Cyber security
  • Business tools (including marketing)
  • Box
  • Working with your research data
  • Research engagement, influence & impact
  • Using social media
  • Mindfulness & managing stress
  • Decision making strategies
  • Career management
  • C. V. writing and job hunting.

Pop in and have a look to see what is available.