Stirling’s Top Ten most shared 2017 articles

Here’s the Top Ten 2017 Stirling papers with the highest Altmetric scores.


Congratulations to all our authors who made it into the Top Ten!!


Most of these papers are available to download immediately from the links in the references below (the link goes to the record in the University’s repository, STORRE).


The Altmetric “score of attention” is a weighted metric that is based on counts of mentions in the various sources Altmetric tracks (social media sites, blog posts, news stories, Wikipedia, Facebook, government policy documents, etc.).


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Added Stop Press – Update 22/12/2017

I’ve just heard from Kelly Cobey, our Honorary Research Fellow, that we had missed out her fantastic co-authored commentary paper from Nature (sorry we didn’t spot this one – the perils of not submitting to our RMS 😉 ). This tops the list with a score today of 976.

Score: 976

Moher, D., Shamseer, L., Cobey, K., Lalu, M. M., Galipeau, J., Avey, M. T., . . . Ziai, H. (2017). Stop this waste of people, animals and money. Nature, 549(7670), 23-25.




The Top Ten


Score: 716

1. Jackman, S. R., Witard, O. C., Philp, A., Wallis, G. A., Baar, K., & Tipton, K. D. (2017). Branched-chain amino acid ingestion stimulates muscle myofibrillar protein synthesis following resistance exercise in humans. Frontiers in Physiology, 8(JUN).

Full-text available from:




Score: 539

2. Cobey, K. (2017). Illegitimate journals scam even senior scientists. Nature, 549(7670), 7.

Full-text available on request from:



Score: 531

3. Moodie, C., Gendall, P., Hoek, J., MacKintosh, A. M., Best, C., & Murray, S. (2017). The response of young adult smokers and non-smokers in the United Kingdom to dissuasive cigarettes: An online survey. Nicotine & Tobacco,

Full-text available on request from:



Score: 369

4. Chambers, S. A., Rowa-Dewar, N., Radley, A., & Dobbie, F. (2017). A systematic review of grandparents’ influence on grandchildren’s cancer risk factors. PLOS One, 12(11).

Full-text available from:



Score: 352

5. Groyecka, A., Pisanski, K., Sorokowska, A., Havlícek, J., Karwowski, M., Puts, D., Roberts, S. C. & Sorokowski, P. (2017). Attractiveness is multimodal: Beauty is also in the nose and ear of the beholder. Frontiers in Psychology, 8(MAY).

Full-text available from:



Score: 350

6. Leongomez, J. D., Mileva, V. R., Little, A. C., & Roberts, S. C. (2017). Perceived differences in social status between speaker and listener affect the speaker’s vocal characteristics. PLOS One, 12(6).

Full-text available from:



Score: 291

7. Bauld, L., MacKintosh, A. M., Eastwood, B., Ford, A., Moore, G., Dockrell, M., . . . McNeill, A. (2017). Young People’s Use of E-Cigarettes across the United Kingdom: Findings from Five Surveys 2015-2017. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(9).

Full-text available from:



Score: 283

8. Reynish, E. L., Hapca, S. M., De Souza, N., Cvoro, V., Donnan, P. T., & Guthrie, B. (2017). Epidemiology and outcomes of people with dementia, delirium, and unspecified cognitive impairment in the general hospital: Prospective cohort study of 10,014 admissions. BMC Medicine, 15(1).

Full-text available from:



Score: 282

9. Cairney, P., & Oliver, K. (2017). Evidence-based policymaking is not like evidence-based medicine, so how far should you go to bridge the divide between evidence and policy? Health Research Policy and Systems, 15(1), 35.

Full-text available from:



Score: 279

10. Glover, M., Breier, B. H., & Bauld, L. (2017). Could Vaping be a New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge? Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19(12), 1536-1540.

Full-text available from:


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