De-stress Yourself

Everyone gets stressed during exams but it’s important not to let it get out of control. We have gathered some of our favourite articles and ideas on coping with exam stress and keeping your stress levels down during the exam period.

Stirling Resources

How to prepare for exams (student tips)

How to relax in 7 short steps (student blog)

3 ways to deal with exam stress (tips)

Student Support Services

Coping with exam pressure Includes advice on meditation apps

Counselling and Wellbeing – Relaxation Podcasts Covers exam preparation

Sports Centre

It stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind. Exercise produces endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improves the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Why not contact the Sports Centre to see what they have on offer or visit the Labyrinth on the north side of the campus, past Airthrey Castle and the golf academy.


The Chaplaincy offers a Quiet Room where you can drop-in anytime for prayer, reflection and meditation. Pianos and guitars are also available for you to take a break from your studies and unwind.

Patches 4 Peace is a regular craft event in Chaplaincy on Thursday afternoons 2-4pm.  It is finished for this semester however there is a post on their Facebook page asking anyone who would like to sew during the exams to private message them to arrange something.

External Resources

Student Minds webpage on Exam Stress

The Student Room webpage on Dealing with Exam Pressure and Stress

How to Beat Exam Stress in 10 Easy Ways

Mindfulness for Students


Adult colouring books have recently gained popularity for their stress-relieving abilities. Why not download and print one of the many free colouring pages available on the internet.

All that’s left to say is go forth and good luck. And we’re here at the Information Centre and Lending desk to answer all of your IT and Library needs.

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