Web of Science citation counts added to Altmetric

You are now able to see Web of Science citation count data alongside other article metrics within Altmetric.


Altmetric track mentions of scholarly articles in social media, for example: twitter, online news stories, blog postings, etc. Bringing together these types of mentions with the more traditional formal citation counts creates a useful integrated picture of the all-round attention and engagement that scholarly works are receiving. Scopus citation counts are already available in Altmetric and so the addition of the Web of Science counts means a more complete array of metrics all in one place.


The Web of Science citation counts are displayed in the Altmetric details page. For example: login in to Altmetric then go to: https://www.altmetric.com/explorer/outputs?show_details=3078878


The Web of Science information appears on the legend at the side and the tabs along the top.


Click on the legend or tab to be taken to the panel showing the citation count number – if you click on the number you will be linked to the Web of Science record for the publication.


In Web of Science you can then click on the Times Cited link to see all the articles that have cited the publication.


This makes it easy to investigate each of the citing papers: finding how others have referred to the publication and how it has been used as part of the foundation for further work in that research area.


The Web of Science citation counts are a nice addition to the data Altmetric provides for understanding what happens after a work is published.


Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian

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