Introducing LARS – Library and Archives Research Support

It has been 6 months since the Research & Scholarly Communications Team came into existence on 1 August 2016.  We were set up to support a wide range of research services in a tailored focused fashion in order to support the University’s strategic ambitions to grow research income and activity.  Following feedback we have decided to change our name to make it clearer to researchers what we do.  Our new name is Library and Archives Research SupportLARS.  We are contactable via Outlook under the Display Name IS Library and Archives Research Support.  We continue to look forward to working with you!


Have you signed up yet for an ORCID?


If not you could be in with a chance of being the 3,141,593rd ORCID registrant which ORCID are celebrating as their ORCID Pi Day.  Very clever! See for details of the competitions they are running.


Lisa Haddow,  Library and Archives Research Support Team Manager



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