Roses are red …….

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share the love (or maybe break up with us) the old-fashioned way.

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of letters that we got.

Some were fantastic love letters, although some you want to break up with us (sob).

We have had some great suggestions, which we are going to look at; for example the suggestion that library notices come via text alert.

We loved the letters where you feel like the Library is like your home or that the staff are understanding and helpful, and one student felt that the library and its staff were part of student’s success stories.  We also had a letter from a student who feels like the library is a refuge for students who want the quiet life at University (…not everyone likes to party)

Another student suggested that we brag about our services 🙂 and make students aware of all the services we offer, online Journals, books etc.

And what about our DVD collection (did you know we have a selection of Films that you can borrow???) Pop into short loan for a look.  If you borrow them on a Friday you don’t have to bring them back until Monday (weekend sorted)

Now onto the flipside 🙁

With so much love going round, we only had a few breakup letters. Yay!!!!

One student told us they can never find the books they need.  Just pop up to the Lending desk and ask our friendly staff to see if they can help you.  Even if it is not in the Library, there are other options to get materials, we may even be able to order books for Library stock.

Convert the Study zone to a Library annexe – Well it sort of is.  There are different study solutions, which you can use in the Study Zone (Group Study tables, with large screen displays – and glass boards for collaborative work) There are also study desks, printers, and soft seating.

Crack down on noisy and Messy people – If you are being bothered by any other students behaviour just drop us an email to and we can send up a member of staff to speak to them.  We won’t tell them who made the complaint.  The Information centre is staffed from 8:45 – 8:00 Monday to Friday and 11-5 on Weekends.  Don’t sit getting annoyed by other folks behaviour.

Information Services