Stirling Top Ten STORRE publication downloads of 2016

The University of Stirling’s Open Access Repository, STORRE, has had another great year. During 2016 we had a total of 5,538 full-text publication files downloaded a total of 366,028 times.


Comparing 2016 with 2015, this is a 16% increase in the total number of downloads from STORRE! (366,028 versus 316,025 downloads in 2015).



Here’s the top 10 publications from 2016:


1. The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship. By Fillis, Ian; Rentschler, Ruth. Downloads: 3507


2. Reporting medication errors and near misses. By Williamson, Sheena. Downloads: 3320


3. Concepts of adversity, risk, vulnerability and resilience: A discussion in the context of the ‘Child Protection System’. By Daniel, Brigid. Downloads: 3238


4. Taking active learning into the primary school: a matter of new practices? By Stephen, Christine; Ellis, Jennifer; Martlew, Joan. Downloads: 2872


5. Career transitions in sport: European perspectives. By Wylleman, Paul; Alfermann, Dorothee; Lavallee, David. Downloads: 2337


6. The development of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: Amnesia and Deja; Vu. By Priestley, Mark; Humes, Walter. Downloads: 2244


7. The role of health consciousness, food safety concern and ethical identity on attitudes and intentions towards organic food. By Michaelidou, Nina; Hassan, Louise. Downloads: 2149


8. Inclusion for all? By Allan, Julie. Downloads: 1763


9. Pedagogy: the silent partner in early years learning. By Stephen, Christine. Downloads: 1633


10. Competitive Analysis of the Retail Sector in the UK. By Burt, Steven; Sparks, Leigh. Downloads: 1629


Congratulations to our authors in the top 10 – and to all our STORRE authors – every one of them has contributed to STORRE’s success.


Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian