Stirling theses digitised from microfilm by British Library EThOS service

We have been working with EThOS on a pilot project to digitise older University of Stirling theses that are part of the British Library’s microfilm collection of UK PhD theses.


The microfilm copies were created over many years as part of the pre-EThOS British Thesis Service, and were used to supply thesis loans and copies via the British Library document supply service. When EThOS was launched, the microfilms were put into storage. EThOS have been testing the quality and cost of making digital copies from the films.


As a result of this work 144 microfilmed Stirling theses are now available for immediate download within EThOS. The theses will soon also be made available in our own repository STORRE. See the complete list of theses below.


If you are the author of a thesis listed below and for any reason you do not wish your thesis to be made publicly available please contact:


Beyer, H.-J. (1973) Fine structure and stark effect measurements on He+


Hafter, R. (1973) Conformation and reactivity in the Bicyclo [3.3.2] decane system


Hutton, N. (1973) The Faddeev approach to high energy atomic collisions and the significance of correspondence identities


Mitchell, C. P. (1973) Antagonistic interactions involving trichoderma species


Russell, D. G. (1973) An investigation into the use of mathematical models for resource allocation in agricultural research


Shepherd, C. J. (1973) Studies on the biological and economic factors involved in fish culture, with special reference to Scotland


Black, R. L. B. (1974) Studies on Microfungi from Litter and Soil in Relation to the Ecology of Lignin Decomposition


Grainger, S. (1974) Kinetics and Equilibria in the Ionisation of Carbonyl and Nitro Compounds


Henshall, S. A. E. (1974) Studies of Molecular Motions in Selected Polymer Systems


Kollath, K.-J. A. (1974) The Low-Field Stark Effect of Hydrogen n=2


Koschmieder, H. (1974) Excitation of Atoms by Electron Impact near Threshold


Landless, P. J. (1974) Demand Feeding and Growth in Salmonids


McGregor, I. (1974) A Source of Polarised Electrons for the Study of Polarisation Effects in Polarised Electron – Atom Scattering


Morgan, J. R. (1974) A Technological Economic Approach to Long Term Mineral Resource Development : illustrated by the case of Highland Dolomite


Morgan, R. I. G. (1974) Some aspects of the metabolism of brown trout and perch


Ottley, T. W. (1974) Polarization of the 61SO-61PI and 61SP-63PI lines of mercury, excited by electron impact


Raible, V. (1974) An Electron – Atom Crossed Beam Apparatus and its First Applications


Topsever, Y. (1974) Individual Differences in Association Value Scales and Paired-Associate Learning


Young, James Douglas (1974) Working class and radical movements in Scotland and the revolt from Liberalism, 1866-1900


Banks, M. (1975) Solvolysis of bicyclo [3, 2, 1.] Octan-3-YL P – Tolueunesulphonates


Barnes – Gutteridge, W. (1975) The varieties of perceptual independence in identification and similarity judgement tasks


Bogner, K. H. (1975) Aspects of nitrogen responsiveness in teleost fish


Brown, S. A. (1975) Affective objectives in an integrated science curriculum


Clark, C. R. (1975) A study of some metal ion catalysed reactions


Cox, P. G. (1975) Economic Decision Models for Agricultural Pest Control, with Special Reference to the Control of Powdery Mildew in Barley


Dracup, C. (1975) Linear and Nonlinear Cue Utilization in the Identification of Individual Members of Two Bivariate Normal Populations


Ferguson, H. W. (1975) The Reticulo-Endothelial System of Teleost Fish with Special Reference to the Plaice (Pleuronectes Platessa)


Gibson, A. (1975) Basic Properties of Anions in Mixed Solvents


Hastein, T. (1975) Vibriosis in fish: a clinical, pathological and bacteriological study of the disease in norwegian fishfarms


Kislalioglu, F. M. (1975) The Feeding Ecology and behaviour of Inshore Fishes


Laughlin, K. F. (1975) The Bioenergetics of the Tufted Duck Aythya Fuligula (L.)


MacLeod, M. G. (1975) Effects of Salinity and Diet on the Nutritional Physiology and Alimentary Cancal Histology of the Rainbow Trout


Monk, D. C. (1975) The Digestive Physiology and Food Requirements of Gammarus Pulex (L) (Amphipoda)


Naccache, P. F. (1975) Matrix Elements, Correspondence Principles and Line Broadening


O’Connell, D. (1975) The Two-Photon Decay of Metastable Atomic Hydrogen


Piplani, D. P. (1975) Studies in Coordination Chemistry


Ross, M. (1975) An Examination of Public and Private Worlds in Modern American Literature


Timur, G. (1975) A Study of Giant Cells in Inflammatory Lesions of the Plaice (Pleuronectes Platessa. L.)


Timur, M. (1975) A Study of the Carrageenin Granuloma in the Plaice (Pleuronectes Platessa. L.)


Haq, Z. (1976) Some Physico-Chemical Properties of Homo- and Co-Polymers from Mono- and Di-Alkyl Esters of Itaconic Acid


Hargreaves, J. A. (1976) The Role of Phytoalexins in the Disease Resistance of V.Faba. L to Infection By Botrytis


Henry, R. S. (1976) Synthesis and Reactivity of some Bicyclic and Tricyclic Medium Ring Systems


Hopkins, C. C. E. (1976) The Breeding Biology of Euchaeta Norvegica (Copepoda : Calanoida)


Jones, K. F. (1976) The Effects of Inter-Trial Spacing in Paired-Associate Learning


Kay, N. M. (1976) The Allocation of Resources to Research and Development in the Firm


Mandal, S. (1976) An Analysis of the pattern of Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom and Scotland During the Period 1955-1974


Newsome, T. (1976) The Population Dynamics and Productivity of Asellus Aquaticus (L) in Loch Leven, Kinross


Perry, C. J. (1976) Alternative Sources of Power for Small-Scale Water Supplies – A Case Study


Pomphrey, N. (1976) Regular and Irregular Spectra of Molecules


Sawbridge, P. H. (1976) What did he say that for? Some Contextual Effects on the Process of Understanding a Sentence


Simpson, J. F. (1976) An Organic Carbon Analysis of the Growth of Potamopyrgus Jenkinsi (Smith) in Relation to Temperature and Salinity


Arowomo, G. A. O. (1977) The Population Ecology of Juvenile Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland


Aydin, O. (1977) The Description of Peers and the Perception of Intentions by Popular and Unpopular Children


Ball, R. (1977) The Development and Application of Mathematical Models for Planning and Resource Allocation at the University of Sterling


Breeze, M. J. (1977) The Metabolism of Carbon Dioxide in Maize Leaf Epidermis


Hails, A. J. (1977) Technological Economics of the Management of Game Fisheries with Particular Reference to the Development of Scottish Trout Waters

Hails, C. J. (1977) Energetics of Free-Living House Martins (Delichon Urbica) During Breeding


Johnson, M. D. A. (1977) The Crustacean Zooplankton of Loch Leven, Kinross


Knock, A. H. D. (1977) Person and World: The Interrelation of Newness and Presence


McDonald, J. E. L. (1977) The Synthesis of 2,2,8- Trimethyltricyclo [6,2,2,01,6] Dodec-5-Ene and Related Compounds


Popoola, J. O. (1977) Some Classes of Topological Vector Spaces Associated with the Closed Graph Theorem


Powell, A. A. (1977) Physiological Changes in Pea Seeds During Storage


Rogerson, N. E. (1977) Physiological Changes in Developing Pea Seeds


Ross, L. G. (1977) Factors Influencing the Rate of Gas Loss from the Physoclist Swimbladder


Smith, L. C. (1977) The Mechanism of the Barton Reaction


Wańkowski, J. W. J. (1977) The Role of Prey Size in the Feeding Behaviour and Growth of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar L.)


Wong, T. S. (1977) The Horizontal-Vertical Illusion in Haptic and Visual Space


Al-Shamma, S. H. (1978) Excitation Processes of Rare Gas Atoms by Electron Impact


Basi, M. A. (1978) Sedimentary Petrology of the Lower Limestone Group in the Carboniferous Central Basin, Midland Valley of Scotland


Bickerstaff, G. F. (1978) Studies on the subunits of Creatine Kinase


Brodie, J. Y. (1978) Studies on Progesterone Receptors of the Rat Uterus


Campbell, J. McA. (1978) The biosynthesis of storage galactomannan in developing seeds of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum leguminosae) – and related chemotaxonomic studies


Gillett, R. T. M. M. (1978) Collective choice: a probabilistic analysis


Rogerson, A. (1978) The energetics of Amoeba Proteus Leidy


Roldan, C. E. (1978) Bimodal compensatory tracking and attention


Rossall, S. (1978) The resistance of Vicia Faba L. to infection by botrytis


Williams, I. (1978) Thought and action


Winther, M. D. (1978) Biochemical studies of the germinating conidia of aspergillus nidulans


Buller, D. C. (1979) The chemistry and mode of action of naturally – occurring growth regulators from avena


Gillespie, R. J. (1979) Some novel aspects of the chemistry of thiophens


Gilmour, D. W. (1979) Studies in cyclic nitroxide radicals


Holmes, R. (1979) Studies on the feeding behaviour of flatfish


Jackson, A. J. (1979) Acclimatisation of rainbow trout to sea water


Jeragh, B. J. A. (1979) Synthetic and kinetic studies of some transition metal complexes of macrocyclic ligands


Lederman, T. C. (1979) The effects of irradiance and phosphorus on batch cultures of Pavlova (= Monochrysis) Lutheri


Mehrvarz, A. A. (1979) Topics in the isomorphism of group rings


Agius, C. (1980) Aspects of the meland-macrophage centres in fish


Baldwin, P. J. (1980) The natural history of the chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes verus) at Mt. Assirik, Senegal


Cain, R. O. (1980) Studies related to the biogenesis of bicyclomycin


Douglas, R. H. (1980) Visual adaptation and spectral sensitivity in rainbow trout


Forrester, L. L. (1980) The Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College : 1886-1912


Garcia Rosas, J. (1980) Kinetics and thermodynamics of complex formation between ions and macrobicyclic ligands in several solvents


Hambrey, John Bernard (1980) Technical and economic consequences of increasing fish growth through the use of waste heat in aquaculture


Johnston, W. R. (1980) Biochemical and physiological studies on races of Festuca rubra (L.) from a serpentine and non serpentine soil


Kelly, A. G. (1980) Synthetic approaches to thromboxanes


Leonard, J. W. (1980) Personality, dominant experience, and the development of social behaviour in laboratory stumptail macaques (macaca arctoides)


Malik, N. A. (1980) Electron-photon angular correlations from electron impact excitation of atoms


Mowle, A. D. (1980) The use of natural resources in the Scottish Highlands, with particular reference to the Island of Mull


Munoz, J. M. (1980) Semiclassical methods in molecular collisions


Murphy, Thomas M. (1980) Studies on precocious maturity in artificially reared 1 + Atlantic salmon parr salmo salar L


Riuz, M. A. (1980) Collusive agreements in the international copper market


Saiflu, H. (1980) Some aspects of B-completeness and the closed graph theorem


Tepehan, G. G. (1980) Anticrossing studies of He+, n=4


Thomson, W. J. (1980) The effect of daylength on apical development and grain production in barley cultivars


Watson, J. (1980) Evolution in a heterogeneous environment


Wilson, A. A. (1980) Deamination and related reactions of some bicyclo-octylamines


Zaidi, A. A. (1980) Polarisation and angular correlation studies of the 63P1-61SO intercombination line of mercury by electron impact


Anderson, J. R. (1981) Mirror image stimulation and behavioural development in stuptail macaques


Ayeni, G. I. (1981) Plant protein substitution in diets for juvenile Tilapia (Sarotherodon mossambicus)


Bryson, I. (1981) Biominietic rearrangements of humulene


Budd, R. E. (1981) Land use modelling in the Sedburgh district of Cumbria


Dickson, M. W. (1981) Assessment of six different feeds for Sarotherodon Spp. in Kenya


Glen, R. C. (1981) Studies on the structure and reactivity of bicycli systems


Hutcheson, J. M. (1981) Synthetic approaches to thromboxane B2


Keenan, G. H. (1981) Low-energy electron impact spectroscopy


Khalid, S. M. (1981) Analyses of particle atom collision processes using polarized beams


Mitchell, G. (1981) An economic appraisal of pig improvement in Great Britain


O’Neill, T. M. (1981) Narcissus smoulder : cause, epidemiology and host resistance


Ross, B. (1981) Reproductive ecology of Littorina Rudis (Maton) in the estuarine Firth of Forth


Russ, E. A. (1981) Active control in human information processing


Smith, J. J. (1981) Interactions between pseudomonads and cereal leaves


Warnes, J. M. (1981) The impact of overwintering birds on the production ecology of estuarine benthic invertebrates


Zelaya de la Parra, E. (1981) A model for the selection of investment projects under inflationary conditions


Al-Amoudi, M. M. (1982) Studies on the acclimation of commercially cultured Sarotherodon species to sea water


Bain, R. B. (1982) An appraisal of current and potential replacement agricultural feeds for rainbow trout culture


Chamove, A. S. (1982) Development of dominance and aggression in Macaques


Geffen, A. J. (1982) Growth and otolith ring deposition in Teleos

t larvae


Ghosh, D. (1982) Migration, urban unemployment and marketed surplus in developing economies


Hall, S. (1982) An appraisal of commercial oyster culture in the United Kingdom


Haynes, J. (1982) Free poetry : a systemic approach


Looney, J. H. H. (1982) Chemical and ecological studies on plants and soils of ultrabasic and other areas on the island of Rhum, Scotland


Nash, V. J. (1982) Dominance and personality in stumpetailed macaques


Okujeni, E. C. (1982) A study of two new recycle systems with a view to assessing their suitability for commercial hatchery operations


O’Riordan, P. W. (1982) Alertness and the control of attention


Paterson, R. (1982) Oligoamines and their metabolism in the cellular slime mould dictyostelium disoideum


Smith, C. P. (1982) Computerisation in the Scottish clearing banks


Wadi, N. M. A. (1982) The preparation, metal binding ability and catalytic activity of poly itaconate copolymers with pendant ethylene amine groups


Yazdani Pedram, M. (1982) Physico-chemical studies on random and block copolymers based on derivatives of itaconic acid


Batty, R. S. (1983) Locomotion of herring and plaice larvae


De Silva, S. S. (1983) Clupeid populations of inshore waters of the west coast of Scotland


Lim, K. J. (1983) Preliminary cost estimation of non-ferrous metal production processes


Mohd-Shaharom, F. H. (1983) Monogenic trematodes (Dactylogyridae: Ancyrocephalinae) on the gills of tilapia (a warm-water cultured fish) with special reference to Cichlidogyrus sclerosus Paperna and Thurston 19


Webster, J. L. (1983) The swimbladder as a hydrostatic organ in the Northern Pike, Esox lucius L


Wee, K. L. (1983) Studies on intensive snakehead (Channa Spp.) culture with special reference to their nutrition



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Senior Research Librarian