Top ten papers from our Research Repository in June #StirTopTenPapers

shooting-star-white-740-thinDuring June there were 23,471 downloads from our University repository, STORRE, covering 3,216 research publications.


The top ten downloaded items were:


1. Reporting medication errors and near misses. By Williamson, Sheena. Downloads: 349


2. The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship. By Fillis, Ian; Rentschler, Ruth. Downloads: 230


3. Sainsbury’s in Egypt: the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? By El-Amir, Ayman; Burt, Steven. Downloads: 225


4. Concepts of adversity, risk, vulnerability and resilience: A discussion in the context of the ‘Child Protection System’. By Daniel, Brigid. Downloads: 220


5. Taking active learning into the primary school: a matter of new practices? By Stephen, Christine; Ellis, Jennifer; Martlew, Joan. Downloads: 172


6. The role of health consciousness, food safety concern and ethical identity on attitudes and intentions towards organic food. By Michaelidou, Nina; Hassan, Louise. Downloads: 139


7. The development of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: Amnesia and Deja Vu. By Priestley, Mark; Humes, Walter. Downloads: 138


8. What’s a face worth: Noneconomic factors in game playing. By Hancock, Peter J B; DeBruine, Lisa M. Downloads: 129


9. An evaluation of Swim 21. By Hodson, James; Robinson, Leigh. Downloads: 117


10. Career transitions in sport: European perspectives. By Wylleman, Paul; Alfermann, Dorothee; Lavallee, David. Downloads: 108



Clare Allan

Subject Librarian