Altmetric for Institutions: now with added citations

Altmetric for Institutions have now added Scopus citation counts (and the 3 most recent citing articles) to a new ‘citations’ tab on the Altmetric details pages.


The addition of this citations data will make it easier to compare academic and broader attention all in one place. More information about this is available here.




Altmetric for Institutions is a service that helps you monitor and report on the attention research papers are receiving on the web.


To access Altmetric for Institutions:


To view an article’s details page:

  • Click on the Articles tab, then select one of the coloured donuts.
  • If the article has been cited in Scopus, the Citations tab will display


To find out more about Altmetric for Institutions see our quick Top 6 Altmetric Guide.



Clare Allan

Subject Librarian