Staff file store

We are currently undertaking an upgrade to the servers which support staff filestore (carron, dochart, esk, kelty, inchna, ness). This work is being undertaken up until the end of March (see schedule below) but we wanted to let you know about a couple of really nice features that will be available to you after your filestore has moved:


Introducing version control – revert to the previous version of a file, or restore a deleted file, YOURSELF

At the moment, if you accidentally delete a file or a folder, you have to contact the Information Centre to get a call logged for our server team.

After your filestore has moved, you will be able to reinstate files/folders from up to 3 months prior to the current date yourself (without IS intervention).  To do this:

  • right click on the folder that contained the deleted file/folder and select ‘Restore Previous versions’.  You will then see different versions of your folder by date.
  • Pick a date for a version of the folder that precedes your deletion and double-click to open it and view the contents.  The files or folders you want back can then be dragged and dropped into your live version of the folder.  Be careful not to unintentionally overwrite existing versions of files or folders with older ones.  If you have any questions about this (or anything else in this email), please contact the Information Centre.


You can also use this feature to get back an earlier saved version of a file if, in editing it, you have removed content then saved it, and later want to get that content back.


It will be far easier to check how much space you have left in your H drive (home folder) Double click ‘Computer’ on your desktop and you will be able to see how much space is available in your H drive or other mapped folders. Previously this gave the space available in the entire shared drive.  If you have been deleting unwanted files to make space but are still running out, contact the Information Centre to ask for more to be made available to you.


You can only see your own home folder if you browse to your share

e.g if your home folder is located at \\ness\is\bob2, when you browse to \\ness\is you will find only your ‘My Documents’ folder.  Everybody’s else’s private folders are invisible to you (unless they have changed the permissions on their folder to give you access).  This makes for simpler navigation and greater security.


The server upgrade plan is as follows:


Tuesday  1st March          Ness (done)

Tuesday 15 March           Carron (done)

Thursday 17 March          Dochart

Tuesday 22 March           Kelty

Thursday 24 March          Inchna

Tuesday 29 March           Esk