Top ten downloads from STORRE in September

During September there were 24,812 downloads from our research repository, STORRE, covering 3,052 items.


The top ten items were:


Dimensions of service quality and service climate: a study of bank customers and employees in four local Malaysian banks. By Ab. Wahab, Norailis Downloads: 290



The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship. By Fillis, Ian; Rentschler, Ruth Downloads: 240



Reporting medication errors and near misses. By Williamson, Sheena Downloads: 230



Film music and film genre. By Brownrigg, Mark Downloads: 212



Theory of Organizational Partnerships: partnership advantages, disadvantages and success factors. By McQuaid, Ronald Downloads: 193



Taking active learning into the primary school: a matter of new practices?. By Stephen, Christine; Ellis, Jennifer; Martlew, Joan Downloads: 172



The development of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: Amnesia and Deja Vu. By Priestley, Mark; Humes, Walter Downloads: 162



Shakespeare and the Genre of Comedy. By Doyle, Anne-Marie Downloads: 157



Teacher agency in curriculum making: agents of change and spaces for manoeuvre. By Priestley, Mark; Edwards, Richard; Miller, Kate; Priestley, Andrea Downloads: 152



Prior educational experiences and cultural factors in the learners’ attitudes and behaviours: A case study of distance learning English course at UiTM, Malaysia. By Othman, Noor A. Downloads: 150




Clare Allan


Subject Librarian