Work coming soon to address Wi-Fi speed in off campus residences

Early in the current academic year Information Services became aware that performance of network connectivity from the residences at Union Street (including Bayne Street and Lower Bridge Street), John Forty’s Court, and Lyon Crescent had fallen below an acceptable standard.


These properties rely on 100Mbps leased circuits to connect them to  the University campus network.  This bandwidth has become oversubscribed owing to the replacement of CampusNet with the new wireless network.  It is now much simpler for each user to connect multiple devices simultaneously to the network, and the bandwidth cap per user which was previously applied by CampusNet has been removed which allows some users to consume a greater proportion of the bandwidth at the expense of others.


Once the problem had been identified steps were immediately taken to make a costed proposal to the University for a solution.  This has recently been approved and orders have been placed for new 1Gbps services to be installed.  Owing to the service provider’s lead times on service delivery this is expected to start benefitting students living in those properties from around the middle of April 2015.


Systems and Networks team


c/o Information Centre,
Stirling University Library