DOI links not working – update: now working

The problem below with DOI links has now been resolved and DOI links are working properly again.


This was a worldwide problem and it turns out the issue was that “somebody forgot to renew the domain name” (come on we’ve all done something like that!) – details at:




There is currently a problem with DOI links (Digital Object Identifiers); the links are not working.


This is a global problem and is not only affecting University of Stirling.


The latest news is that this is related to a DNS problem, and that it should be fixed in a few hours.


DOIs are used in many different ways, for example, this problem will affect WebBridge and Talis Aspire reading lists.


There is a workaround but it involves human intervention on a case-by-case basis:


Go to: then to resolve the DOI enter the DOI in the search box.


We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but this problem is out with our control.



Clare Allan

Subject Librarian

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