Library silent zone extended for exams / extra study space

In response to a significant number of complaints about noise from students studying in the Stirling Campus Library in the build-up to the exam period, we are going to extend the Silent Zone on Level 4 to include Level 3 also.

The dates covered will be from November 24th until December 22nd




We hope that this will help encourage an environment more suitable for revision and one that is easier to interpret than the current Level 3 ‘quiet’ arrangement which can be open to differing interpretations of what quiet is.


If you are being bothered by somebody else making noise, please email us on and we’ll do our best to get a member of staff up to that area.  The Information Centre closes at 8pm weekdays and 5pm  at the weekend, please report noise issues to the security person at the reception desk.


Extra study space on Level 3

From Friday 28th November, the Enterprise Zone rooms will all be open and available for silent study.