New Wi-Fi service – it’s getting closer!

As we get closer to the launch of the new on campus Wi-Fi solution (going live by the end of this week), here is some information about the new service:



  • You should only have to set up each of your devices once, thereafter they’ll connect automatically to our eduroam network
  • Basic principle will be to connect to the Wi-Fi signal ‘UoS Wifi Setup’ then open your web browser and follow the instructions.
  • The set up process configures your device for ‘eduroam’ which means that you can access the network here on Stirling campus but you can also use eduroam to get internet access at other universities – no additional configuration required!
  • You can configure 4 devices each – you will be able to manage them yourself via a dedicated web site
  • Games consoles will be able to work over the Wi-Fi network with a simple process to get them registered
  • We are currently putting the finishing touches to the IS website with self help documentation ready for launch day
  • We are also working on documentation in the form of postcards for those who prefer a bit of guidance – one for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and one for Android phone/tablets. Look out for them in the Residences and around the Atrium/Library.
  • We will have a team of dedicated Wi-Fi wizards available in the Library from Saturday 13th through the first week – if you have any problems, come along and speak to them. Look for the light blue T-shirts…



Information Centre

Stirling University Library

01786 467250

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