Environment Digimap: access until 31 July 2014

Environment Digimap offers land cover map data from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH). University of Stirling has access until 31st July 2014 while the Collection is free from EDINA.


Environment Digimap offers two facilities: mapping through Environment Roam, and the ability to download data through Environment Download.


The data available, CEH’s Land Cover Map products, provide a snapshot of land cover for each of the years 1990, 2000 and 2007.


There are raster datasets available at 25m and 1km resolutions for each year and a vector version of the 2000 dataset. The data are in a range of formats depending on the year.


For more information see our Environment Digimap guide.


To access Environment Digimap: within the Portal, select the A-Z list of online resources link, then choose, E and Environment Digimap from the alphabetical list. Then within the Digimap Service select the Environment tab. 

Note that if you have not used any other Digimap Collection then the first time you try to access Digimap you will be requested to register. Your registration will take up to two working days to process.


University of Stirling also has access to other Digimap Collections: Digimap Ordnance Survey Data Collection and Historic Digimap.



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