Working from home over the winter

It’s that time of year again!  So far the weather hasn’t been too bad (famous last words) but while the going is good, it’s wise to plan ahead for spells of less mild weather.


Information Services has prepared information on how to access your work PC from home (only needed if there are specific work related applications that you can only access on your staff computer at work).  If you plan to do this, please make sure you prepare your PC and your home computer before the day you need to use it, as a wee bit of preparation is required up front.  See our article:


Alternatively, to save energy, you may not have to leave your work PC switched on over the holiday period.  Core services such as email and accessing files in network folders can be done without connecting to your work PC.  See our article on ‘Working from home without having to leave your work PC switched on’ for more info.

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