One machine to rule them all…

Over the summer, a new student print/copy system was installed on Stirling and Highland campuses.

The old pharos print stations and photocopiers have been replaced by the Lord of the Machines – it does everything! See our informative 1950s style information bulletin on printing and copying below.


A modern marvelAs well as photocopying and scanning it does print jobs in the following formats: double and single sided (black and colour);  colour A4 and A3stapled jobs (no additional cost)


To get the machine to print exactly what you want, you have to select the appropriate ‘queue’ to send your print job to.  You do this on a lab PC  by selecting File>Print from whichever application you are in (eg Internet Explorer, Word, Excel) and choose from the list:


  • \\studentprint\twosided – this is the default printer on student lab PCs
  • \\studentprint\onesided
  • \\studentprint\colour-twosided
  • \\studentprint\colour-onesided
  • \\studentprint\staple-twosided-A4
  • \\studentprint\staple-onesided-A4
  • \\studentprint\colour-A3
  • \\studentprint\mono-A3


Find out everything you need to know about the new system including costs, locations of machines, how to use them, dissertation and accessible printing, see our web page:



Watch our state information bulletin on printing here:


How to photocopy Charlie Chaplin style: