Gaming pilot in Residences to be expanded

In response to demand from students and the Union, Information Services started a trial Online Gaming service for students living in University residences in September 2012. The 44 students who have since participated in the trial have been able to access online content via their consoles, including services such as the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, over the University network.


Given the success to date of the pilot, IS is now expanding this service to any student living in Halls of Residence.  The only exception is those living in the chalets as the network equipment that serves the chalets is not capable of supporting gaming.


The service will still have trial status which means that its availability and reliability are not guaranteed, but we would like to invite wider participation to further test our ability to run the service at a level of demand closer to that which can be expected if it is offered formally as a “production grade” service.


Any occupant of a University residence room who would like to participate in the trial but who hasn’t already contacted us should send an e-mail to  with the following information:


  • Your name
  • Your network user id OR your student registration number
  • Which residence building you live in, and your room number
  • The reference number on the network socket in your room
  • What make of console you want to use
  • The MAC address of your console (how to find your Console MAC address)


Although we cannot offer the service to residents of the chalets until the network equipment has been replaced, we would like to know the level of demand from there as this could influence resourcing priorities.


For more information about this project, visit/join the Network Gaming Group on Stirling Connect. (Login to portal then select Stirling Connect from the left hand navigation. The Gaming Group is on the Connect homepage).


To celebrate the expansion of the pilot, we’ve set up old school pacman on one of the library tower displays (entry level) – see if you can top the leader board 🙂


2 thoughts to “Gaming pilot in Residences to be expanded”

  1. I’ll be living in chalets (Spittal Hill) next year and it would be great if the equipment could be upgraded to allow this access.

    1. hiEvan
      Information Services have submitted spending proposals to the University for development of the data network including expansion, upgrading and replacement of existing equipment. Replacement of the network switches in the chalets are included in the proposals. The spending plans are awaiting approval. So fingers crossed 🙂

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