How to use the Outlook address book

How to search a subset of the address list (staff, student, by school or service area)


1. Click on address book


2. In the search box type the name you are looking for. This can be all, or just the first part, of a first, middle, or last name.


3. The box to the right of the search box is a drop down list of all the sub-divisions of the address book that you might want to search in. “Global Address List” (GAL) will return results from a list of all accounts (including meeting rooms and generic mailboxes) except for students. A “Department” will return everything except students and limited to the chosen department. “Staff” returns only staff; “Students” returns only students. “Groups” allows you to find matching distribution lists. Select the sub-division you wish to search.


4. Click Go.


An example of a search and result.


Searching the GAL for “ann” will find people with the first names Anna, Ann, Anne, Annette, and others beginning with “ann”. It will also find anyone with a middle name or a last name beginning with the letters “ann”. It will find generic mailboxes such as “Anniversary” and “Annual Leave”. Finally, it would find a user who might be called Arthur Norman Normal because his user account could be ann42.


Further information about Outlook can be found on our Outlook webpages.


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