Beware anyone phoning to ask for your network username/password

In the past* we have alerted staff and students to the dangers of giving out your network username and password BY EMAIL to anyone claiming to be from IS/IT at the university.  Now it seems that the scammers are starting to phone members of staff to try and fool people into disclosing their network credentials.


The instance which was reported to us came from an Indian call centre and the caller claimed to be from DTP Group (one of the university’s suppliers).  He claimed that he was maintaining the university servers so needed a username/password to get logged in.  The staff member receiving this call realised it was a scam and did not reveal her details.


Please be aware that you should never disclose your university password to anyone no matter who they claim to be.  Members of staff in Information Services will never ask for your password – this information should always be known only to you.


Information Centre

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