Have eduroam will travel

Stirling University offers the eduroam service to its staff and students to allow you to access the Internet on your own devices (laptops, ipads, phones etc) at other participating UK and worldwide institutions. See the eduroam list of participating institutions for more info on where you can eduroam: http://www.eduroam.org/index.php?p=where



The Information Centre at Stirling Campus can help you to get your device set up before you travel (highly recommended as you will not get configuration support from the helpdesk at the Institution you are visiting). See our documentation and further information at http://www.stir.ac.uk/is/staff/it/campusnet/eduroam/  *


If you have visitors on campus who are academics or students at other participating universities, they should be able to connect to our eduroam network which is available over the wireless network. If they need help with this, they will have to contact the IT helpdesk at their home institution.


Stirling staff and students will not be able to access the Internet via eduroam on Stirling campus – all you will get is the eduroam landing page to confirm that your device is successfully set up for use elsewhere:


eduroam successful installation

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  1. Congratulations for arranging this, it enables students to work in other Universities when they don’t live in Stirling. Great feature. Thanks.

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