Coming soon – new student email system

Shortly the student email system will be upgraded to a cloud-based service, Microsoft Office 365, utilising the Microsoft Outlook Web App. The benefits of this new service include most of the features of the full version of Microsoft Outlook, but in a web page:


  • A much newer and easier to use interface for your email (see screenshots below)
  • Retain the same email address and login routes
  • Single sign on from student lab PCs and the portal (only login once)
  • The ability to add Out of Office replies, and multiple email forwards
  • A full calendar and meeting request service
  • A comprehensive contact management system
  • Task lists
  • Instant messaging between contacts
  • Easy set up and advanced functionality for your mobile device (inc full calendar sync and Push notifications)
  • 25GB of email storage!
  • Upto 25MB attachment limits. Any larger can be used with our Filedrop facility (files up to 2GB)
  • Much improved spam and junk email filtering


Your current emails and contacts will be transferred automatically to the new system once it is in place, however any current email forwarding rules will be lost, so these must be re-applied once the new system is in place.


We will be starting up a mailing list for students to keep you informed of developments, new features, go live date and so on.


If you have any questions about the new system, please email the Information Centre:


Existing student email inbox:

Squirrelmail inbox








New Outlook Web App inbox


OWA inbox




2 thoughts to “Coming soon – new student email system”

  1. Hi.

    Will we still be able to create nested folders?

    Will we now be able to format our emails (fonts, html, etc)?

    Will we be able to view emails full-page rather than the 1/3 page shown in the image above?

    1. hi Tan
      I believe that the answer to all of your questions is yes – you will be able to create folders and sub folders very easily in OWA by right clicking on your mailbox then selecting ‘create new folder’. You can format your emails in Options>Settings and set up a signature if you want one. The view shown in the screen shot shows the reading pane switched on – this gives you a preview of your message. It’s easily switched off and if you double click on the message it will open in a new window which you can make any size you want.

      If you’re interested in joining our pilot group to have a look at the new system, email the Information Centre and ask to join the pilot. We need approx 50 students who will be willing to ask questions and let us know what they think of the new system before the go live in Jan/Feb.

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