New Library – progress to date

The overall use made of the new Library has increased dramatically over the last year of the old-style Library. During October 2008 69,118 people entered the Library. During October 2010, the figure was 95,243.


We conducted an accessibility tour before the library opened, and are working to address the issues raised. The Library entrance and security gates are easily accessible to wheelchair users. There was some confusion over the glass gate controlled from the reception point, but this is not intended or necessary for wheelchair access. Height-adjustable tables have now been delivered and installed in study areas, and on one of the printer/copiers. Door closures have been adjusted in group study to make opening easier. There is an on-going problem with the exit doors from the smoke lobbies at the lift entrances. ECS are investigating the feasibility of providing assisted opening as elsewhere on campus, but these are not yet in place.


Study areas
Group study rooms have proved very popular, and the booking system is now in place so they can be reserved either at the room or on the web. A-V facilities are now up and running in five of these rooms. See Group Study Rooms for further information.


Some complaints have been received about noise on the study levels. We have moved a few items of furniture around to try to keep the single-occupancy study desks away form the larger tables. This will help to establish areas where silent working is expected.

Silent study area on level 4
Silent study area on level 4


We will continue to observe the use made by students of the different areas in the Library with the intention of supporting that use. This is intended to ensure provision of different study environments (including silent study) to suit different users at different times.


Food and drink (link to policy)

The policy of allowing food (with the exception of hot, smelly or otherwise distracting items) has proved popular in that many students are taking advantage of it. It does however present a challenge to the cleaning and janitorial staff in dealing with spillage and waste. This has improved with the introduction of many more recycling bins, but requires the support of students in clearing their own litter, making proper use of the recycling bins and in particular the emptying of liquid containers down a sink before placing in a bin.


Library stock

Not all the stock is currently housed in the Library. Everything in the Long Loan Collection from MV onwards to Z is currently housed in store. If you want access to any of this material please just request it from Store using the Library catalogue.


Catalogue link to request an item from store
Catalogue link to request an item from store


David Gardiner
Manger, Library and IT Enquiry Services


2 thoughts to “New Library – progress to date”

  1. The 4th floor computer room is ALWAYS uncomfortably hot. And it is not a pleasant or productive atmosphere. And this is ususally one of the only places you can access a free computer – probably due to this.

    Is there any air-con in here? Can the heating be adjusted?

    Even with both doors wedged open, it doesnt seem to make a difference. And the noise from the study areas filters in.

    Can the temperature be adjusted?…

  2. We have already noted this problem as our staff have to do training in there. It is definitely too hot.

    The work to be done to decrease the temperature is currently being assessed by our Estates team. Hopefully they will progress this asap.

    We try to ensure that the doors are open to allow some heat to dissipate.


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