Change to CampusNet – no need to register your network socket

For the information of students living in University residences on Stirling Campus.  There have been some changes to the setup and support for CampusNet this academic year.


  • Firstly if you live in a university residence, you should have been given a CampusNet CD when you picked up your keys for your room. If you didn’t get one, please ask at the Residence porters desk or, as a last resort, at the Information Centre in the Library.
  • If you a returning student, your existing installation of CampusNet should continue to work. If it doesn’t, you can uninstall it and install the latest version (there is an uninstaller in the programs>CampusNet menu). Please take care to restart your PC before reinstalling – this is very important as failure to do so will render the newly installed version useless. After restarting, you can install from the CD or from the gateway (connect your PC to the network socket in your room and open Internet Explorer
    – download CampusNet installer from the link on the gateway page).
  • There is no longer any need to register your network socket or to pay for it. Your network socket will stay live and will not be cut off at any point (unless there is any intervention by IS due to misuse).
  • If you have a laptop or netbook without a CD drive, you can borrow the CampusNet software on a USB stick from the Library (Information Centre).
  • If you encounter any errors during the installation of CampusNet especially ‘VPNGuard failed to start’, please see our instructions at the bottom of this email to do a command line installation from the CD.
  • If you are unable to install CampusNet, please call into the Information Centre in the Library to make an appointment with a technician.


Information Services
Information Centre,, 01786 467250


Instructions for a command line installation
(you must have the CampusNet CD or the CampusNet software on a USB stick to do this)

If you get any error messages when trying to install CampusNet using the CD, especially “VPN Guard failed to start” Please try the following method to install campusnet.
Installing campusNet from command Line

  • Insert the CD or Memory Pen.
  • Click on my computer then take a note of the drive letter assigned to the memory pen or CD.
  • Click on the Windows button, then type cmd into the search bar, then click on cmd.exe
  • If you are running Windows XP, click on start then run. When the new window opens type cmd and then press enter.
  • When the black window opens, type your drive letter followed by a colon. Press enter
  • Type cd campusnet Press enter
  • Type campusnetsetup.exe createonly press enter
  • You may see one or more messages, just agree to these.
  • When campusNet icon, appears on your desktop Campusnet has finished installing.


You should now have access to the internet.