Meeting to learn about the New Library and Interim Library projects Friday 1st May

All staff and students are invited to an open meeting to discuss the New Library Project and the Interim Service on Friday 1 May: 10.30am in Cottrell Room 2B85 

This will be your opportunity to ask questions about the Library Project, and also the Interim service which will run while the building work is done on the main library building from July 2009-August 2010.


Work on Level 1 of the Library building and the Studies Area is already underway and you can see photos of the work as it progresses on our Facebook page


We have also posted some discussion topics on our Facebook discussion board and would love to hear from you! Discussion topics underway include: study accommodation during the Interim library service; your views on self issue; your favourite bits of the old Library building; how you currently use the Library…


Lisa Haddow, Project Manager, New Library Project