For Staff: Preparing for the start of semester 

With autumn fast approaching we want to share the following information around Canvas modules and learning and teaching spaces ahead of the start of semester. 

Module preparation and template updates 

Guidance on preparing your module for the new semester can be found on the prepare your module for the start of semester Canvas page

The 2023-24 template contains the following changes: 

  • The ‘Listen Again’ link on the navigation menu has been renamed ‘Panopto’, see update below. 
  • The Welcome video placeholder is back. We recommend that you do still add a welcome video to the homepage to introduce yourself and the module. 
  • The ‘Module Check’ quiz is no longer available in modules. 
  • There is now one version of Stirling Essentials which incorporates resources for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. 

Learning and teaching spaces 

Training, guidance events and resources to help staff navigate transformed learning spaces are now available. 

Staff can view quick start guidance information and material on the new learning spaces Canvas page together with further information available around the training and development plan. Physical quick start guides will also be made available in each room for the start of semester. 

Book on to Learning Spaces guidance events 

Canvas groups created and populated using timetable data 

Groups are now auto created and populated in Canvas modules based on timetable data.  

Group names can be changed in Canvas but deleting should only be done if you are sure the groups are not needed. If you wish to hold on to groups but stop students signing up the best route is to add something like ‘DoNotUse’ at the start of the name and change the size to 2 (the smallest canvas allows).  

Academic colleagues can no longer delete Canvas groups. If a group is accidently deleted (by those that can) contact the Learning Technology & Design Specialists via the Information Centre

MS Teams and Panopto integration 

Staff can now automatically save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to Panopto.  

The integration allows you to place recordings in Panopto at the time of their creation direct from inside MS Teams, circumventing the need to download recordings from OneDrive/SharePoint first and then re-upload them into Panopto.  

Guidance on how to setup your MS Teams and Panopto accounts 

Listen Again changes name to Panopto 

From 1st August 2023 Listen Again changed to Panopto on our Canvas modules. Listen Again and Panopto are interchangeable terms that describe the same function. Panopto is the name of the software used within Canvas which enables you to record videos at your desk and lectures in a teaching room or lecture theatre. It can also be used by students for video assessments. 

You may still see references to either Listen Again or Listen Again/Panopto as we update our guidance. This doesn’t change how Panopto works. 

View guidance on how to use Panopto in teaching for content creation, sharing and assessment 

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Learning and Teaching 

We encourage staff to familiarise themselves with the recent paper and guidance covering immediate and future plans around AI and learning and teaching. 

Staff guidance on Generative AI in learning and teaching 


Support is available throughout the year from the Learning and Teaching Enhancement team. We can be contacted via the Information Centre if you’re not sure who to contact.