What can you do with your etextbook?

This might seem like a silly question, but your etextbook may offer more features than you were expecting. To be clear, when we talk about an etextbook, we mean an online course text supplied by either Kortext or BibliU. For more information see https://libguides.stir.ac.uk/ebooks, where you will find online tutorials for both Kortext and BibliU etextbooks.

Apart from reading your etextbook, what else can you do?

Listen to it

Most etextbooks will read the text aloud for you. BibliU etextbooks allow you select a voice. If you prefer to listen, check this out.

Translate it into another language

English not your first language? There is a feature in Kortext etextbooks which allows you to highlight a section of text and translate it into a wide variety of other languages.

Page from etextbook showing features menu

In Kortext etextbooks, select text and a menu appears. Choose ‘Read aloud’, ‘Translate’, a colour for highlighting, etc.

Make the text whatever size or font you want

You can make the text larger or change to a different font to facilitate reading.

Make notes or highlight text

You can customise the text with your own highlighting and annotations. Nobody else will be able see these, but you can share your notes by email if you want.

Bookmark pages to save for later

Add virtual bookmarks so you can see what you have already read or highlight important sections.

Search for specific keywords

Use the search function to find specific keywords or topics.

Need further advice?

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