Completion of the transfer of data from StorSimple to SharePoint

We are delighted to confirm that we have now successfully moved 70TB of user data from StorSimple to either a dedicated SharePoint Site, a user’s OneDrive or another dedicated location. In addition, we have moved around 5TB of service-related data, meaning a total of 75TB has been transferred.

For any data that was not given a destination, this has been securely migrated and stored within a centralised SharePoint Site for archival purposes.  Data stored in this area which is not used or accessed in a five-year period will be automatically deleted, in compliance with our data retention and security policy requirements.

If you are unable to locate service-related data, please contact your department operations/admin team in the first instance to ensure it has not already been moved to a department SharePoint Site. Failing this, please contact the Information Centre where the team will help to identify the location of the data.

For users who utilise the ‘BIGTEMP’ network file-share for temporary storage, this will be mapped to a new network location – \\fairisle\bigtemp – on Thursday 8th December, no action will be required on your part. Please be reminded that this temporary storage folder is emptied at the end of every week.

On behalf of IS and the project team, I would like to personally thank you for your cooperation over the last 10 months and all your efforts into making this a successful and smooth data migration. Due to all your efforts, we have successfully completed this project on time and to plan.