UoS Guest Wi-Fi – Residences switch off

UoS Guest Wi-Fi is a public Wi-Fi service provided by an external company (Wifinity) to many of our campus buildings. This is in place for visitors to the University and is intended for short term internet connection.

During the summer months, when the University Residences are in use for public lets, we expand the Guest Wi-Fi service to include the Residences. We then leave the service running until the majority of our residential students have arrived after the start of the UG and PG semesters to allow for a quick means to get in touch with families and friends until you have time to get your devices set up on Eduroam.

It is now time to remove the Guest Wi-Fi provision in the Residences. To this end, UoS Guest Wi-Fi will be disabled in the ‘on and off’ campus residences on Monday 10th October.

Why can’t we leave it running?

  • The service is provided by an external company and is not designed to cope with long term heavy demand. If use persists at the current levels, we may be in breach of our agreement with Wifinity.
  • The public Wi-Fi service is not as secure or as resilient as Eduroam. Eduroam is based on the most secure encryption and authentication standards available. It’s security by far exceeds typical commercial hotspots.
  • If you are connected to UoS Guest Wi-Fi you can change your connection over to eduroam. We have instructions for all devices on UniDesk Self-Service portal.

If you have tried these instructions and they are not working for you, don’t worry we can help. We have Wi-Fi Wizards based in the library (Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm) who should be able to help you to connect your device. Just pop in to see them, no need to make an appointment. Out-with these times we have other staff who can help you.