21 things IS did for you in 2021

Over the last year, Information Services has strived to provide the best service possible to our staff and students. We listened to the feedback we received from our student community and used it to shape the improvements we made to our services.

You saidWe did
Sometimes we need IT and Library help out of hours.We went into partnership with Norman to offer Library and IT enquiries 24/7 via LiveChat and email.
Where do I go to find out Library and IT information?We continue to add to UniDesk Self Service Portal to provide more forms, more information and more FAQs about the resources and services available to you.
Increase the amount of time I can borrow a Laptop.We changed the loan period to two weeks on the Laptop Loan cabinet at the library entrance.
I want to study in the library.We set up a booking system and socially distanced the seating in the library so that people could study in the Library safely.
Make it easier to find items on my reading lists.We have a new reading list system that is integrated in your Canvas modules.
Make it easier to find things in the library Catalogue.We replaced the old library catalogue with LibrarySearch. Library Search provides simple, one-stop searching for books and e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and more.
I would like to see the number of available ebooks improved.We now have etextbooks- guaranteeing access to Key texts and on top of that we have access to over 350,000 ebook titles
We need to be able to attend lectures in person or sometimes online.In Summer 2021 we added additional technology to teaching rooms to support hybrid teaching.
How do I find out my timetable for my lectures and seminars?We have developed personalised timetables that can be accessed via the University app
How can I get a certificate of enrolment to prove that I’m studying at UoS?We developed an online service where you can request a certificate of enrolment and receive it within hours, rather than days.
I need to get books from the library?You can come into the library and browse the shelves, or you can use the click and collect service to reserve books for collection.
Make it easier to find and access our online classes.We released a new integration within Canvas for Microsoft (MS) Teams Meetings. This new integration means there is a new and improved way for you to access and join your MS Teams meetings for your modules (seminars/lectures etc).
Will I be able to access the library during the pandemic?The library has remained open throughout 2020/21 and 2021/22 academic years for both online and in-person services
Make content in Canvas more inclusive and accessible.We made Immersive Reader available in Canvas. And the best part? It’s built right in. Learn more about this accessibility update here: msft.it/6014pAGYQ.
How can I get library and IT advise quickly and easily?Chat to us Monday to Friday 9-5 about all your Library and IT enquiries. (oh and when we are not available Norman takes over)
Can you make it easier to access full text ejournals?We have more that 1 million ejournal articles to be downloaded. You can use our new find@stir tool to facilitate access to full text articles.
Where can I get training on study skills and Library and IT skills?Several areas of the University provide skills training for students, particularly around the start of the autumn and spring semesters. These areas have worked together to pull together all of their different skills training into one location to form a one-stop shop for skills training.

Stirling essentials Study skills workshops stir.ac.uk/65e
I need access to key content for my modules.We have digitised much of the key content for modules.
We want to save our stuff in one place and be able to access it anywhere.we moved from Box/filestore to O365. Find all your files in one place, all backed up and accessible anytime, anywhere.
I want to study in Campus Central, what options do I have?We sourced, supplied and fitted the new technology in Campus Central. You can use PCs and you can also borrow laptops from the library to use anywhere including Campus Central.
It’s really annoying getting spam emails, is there anything you can do to stop it?In the last month, we prevented 3,195,064 spam emails from reaching mailboxes, but you may still get some Spam in your spam folder or inbox. Please use the report message to let us know of any our server may have missed.

Your feedback matters. You can provide feedback by emailing information.centre@stir.ac.uk