Introducing Norman! 24/7 Library and IT Support

We are really happy to announce that from December 1st we are entering into a partnership with Norman Managed Services.

With this partnership we will be able to offer Library and IT enquiries 24/7 via LiveChat and email.

Norman supports more than 1 million service users globally, for over 45 higher education and commercial partners. Based at Northumbria University, Norman’s highly personalised and business aligned first and second level IT support has a particular focus on customer excellence, utilising a large team of dedicated analysts.

When the Information Centre closes Norman will take over.

When you email us out of hours you will get an email back but the email address will be a little different from the normal Information Centre email address. You will be emailed from the address Information Centre at Stirling

Norman have been at the forefront of IT and Library Support in the Higher Education Sector since 2006 and are already providing out of hours support for many UK universities.

We hope that this partnership will enhance the IT support that we currently offer. This will also be off great benefit to our staff and students who for varying reasons find it difficult to contact us during our regular opening hours.

The library and Norman have altered opening hours during the University holiday period, find out our updated opening hours.