Purchasing IT equipment – update on lead times for orders

Due to global supply chain issues, HP, our primary supplier of PCs and laptops, have informed us that most equipment is now experiencing a 30 week lead time on orders. In light of this, Information Services is advising that IT spend for this financial year is committed before the end of this calendar year(2021) to ensure delivery before the end of July 2022.

The current ordering process is as follows:

  1. Consider what your departmental requirements are – we have advice on recommended IT setup for the different types of staff outlined in the HR Agile Working Framework.
  2. Budget holders should contact the Information Centre to request a quote for their required device/peripherals. If required, our staff can discuss your requirements and advise you on laptop specifications and peripherals.
  3. Once you confirm your requirements, the Information Centre team will raise a quote on the HP Portal and send it to the budget holder/requester.
  4. Budget holder (or nominated person) must raise a requisition request and send it to their departmental admin responsible for raising requests on Agresso.
  5. The requisition request is then entered on Agresso and approved. The resulting Purchase Order needs to be sent to HP with the earlier quote provided by IS attached. Note – POs sent to HP without the accompanying quote are likely to be rejected and cancelled by HP.

We strongly advise departments to consider their IT hardware requirements for this financial year and get in touch with the Information Centre to generate quotes for any required equipment.  In order to ensure quotes can be generated and orders placed before the Christmas holidays, please contact us by the close of business on Friday 10th December at the latest. Enquiries received after this date, and orders placed from January 2022 are likely to arrive from August onwards.

Please contact us if you require any clarification or further explanation, or to discuss your IT hardware requirements.