Reading List FAQs

Thanks to all of you that have ‘rolled over’ your reading lists in the new system and updated (or started updating) them. We have added a new FAQ section to the Reading List SharePoint site but here are few tips and reminders to start with.

Publish Your List
Once you have rolled over your list and are happy with your changes (even if you decide not to make any), click the Library Review button to send it to the Library to be checked further (copyright, stock availability, digitization etc.) and click Publish so that it is visible to your students. A lot of the lists are still sitting in draft format and won’t be visible.

Still to get started?
If you have not dealt with your list yet, either create a new reading list or ‘roll over’ a previous list by clicking on the ‘Reading List’ option in your Autumn 2021 Canvas module.

Asked for a User Name and Password?
You should access the reading list system via Canvas without a user name and password, but sometimes see a login box. The solution as with so many web applications, is to clear your browser cache or to shift to a different browser.

No Access to Your List?
Due to changes in module co-ordinator or teaching teams, module code changes, some staff details not migrated to the reading list system yet (e.g. new staff), you might not immediately be able to work on your list. Please let the Library know and we will update your account to enable access.

Using the same list with more than one module
No need to create multiple copies of a list (unless you are going to tweak the content for the other modules). Click the 3 dots at the top of your list > Select Manage Course Association > Enter the module code to associate it with taking care to select the correct version  (e.g. Muscat etc.). You will probably wish to edit the title of your list so that the students are clear which modules it relates to.

Guidance and Help
See further guidance on the Reading Lists SharePoint site or Mini Guide to creating Reading Lists, but we hope you will find the system intuitive and easy to use. Please contact the Library if you have questions or would like more help.