Learning and Teaching Support and Development for Autumn 2021

Information Services are offering a bookable series of online and face-to-face events to support developments in learning and teaching in Autumn 2021.

NEW!! Book a support assistant for the start of your class!

IS have a number of IT Assistants aka Wizards available to help you get your class kicked off. If you feel it would be helpful to have a Wizard present at the start of your class to help you get logged onto the teaching room system and safely into your Teams class, you can book a short Wizard appointment here.

We will then send a Wizard along to meet you at the start of your class.

Blended and hybrid learning

Academic Development and the Digital Learning Team will run a number of webinars on designing and supporting blended or hybrid learning. These will cover how to design active and inclusive in-person and online sessions.

These sessions are now finished – for any further information and to see a recording of the session on blended and hybrid learning click the image below or see here.

link to recording of hybrid teaching session

Classroom technology for hybrid teaching

Over the summer Information Services are adding additional technology to the learning spaces to support hybrid teaching. We will offer a number of hands-on sessions to allow you to see and experience the new technology in the rooms – try it out yourself with Learning Technologists and Learning Spaces support staff on hand to help you out. Select a date below to book.

There are various dates, if you want to book onto a session you can book here. You can also watch our video:

New to Teaching

Academic Development will run two iterations of a short course for those new to teaching, particularly tutors or others teaching for the first time. These will run the weeks beginning 30th August and 6th September. Further iterations will be offered during the semester. Sign up for one of the course dates and you will be added to the appropriate Canvas module.

These sessions can be booked here

Learning and teaching drop ins

Your Faculty Learning Technologists will be arranging a series of drop-in sessions about designing and developing your modules in Canvas and about planning and delivering blended or hybrid sessions. Dates and times to follow soon.

Teaching room tech refresher

This session is for people who have never taught on campus, or for people who need a refresher course after working from home for such a long time. 

This session covers the basics of using the technology in our teaching spaces.  If you feel like you would like a refresher course please book one of our sessions. 

This session will cover 

  • How to turn on the projector or main display. 
  • How to switch between inputs. 
  • How to connect a laptop. 
  • How to use the visualiser to display documents. 
  • How to use the presenters touch screen. 
  • Where to connect USB pens. 

Please be aware that this session does not replace the Classroom technology for hybrid teaching sessions and will not cover the hybrid teaching content. 

these sessions can be booked here or watch our short video

Find out more…

Our Learning and Teaching SharePoint site has been updated to include a section on Learning and Teaching in Autumn 2021. This includes information about designing for hybrid and blended teaching, preparing your module in Canvas, our support events, and a list of rooms that are being upgraded for hybrid teaching over the Summer. Visit our Learning and Teaching SharePoint site now.

9 thoughts to “Learning and Teaching Support and Development for Autumn 2021”

  1. Dear Colleagues –

    Please offer more dates for your “Blended and hybrid learning” webinars. All your dates are in my annual leave periods.

    If no additional dates are available, at least please make available the recording of your webinar.

    I am grateful for all your work.

    1. Hi Gyorgy,

      I have logged a call to the presenter of this session with your comment. He will be in touch with you. I’m sure they can record a session.

      Kind regards,

      1. Dear Trudie,
        A number of staff in BES can’t make this session either, it would be great if the webinar was recorded. Could you let us know if it is possible and if so, where we will be able to find the recording in due course.

        Many thanks,

    2. Hi Gyorgy,

      I have logged a call with the library and they will email you.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello!
    First of all, thank you for organising these useful sessions.
    I am just back from annual leave and despite I have enrolled in one of the “Blended and hybrid learning” sessions, I did not manage to book any “Classroom technology for hybrid teaching” sessions as they are sold out. Could you advice on this please. Many thanks,

    1. Hi Martina, we are trying to find a location to run more sessions. They will be advertised on this blog when we have them set up.

  3. Dear colleagues,
    Will you be offering more “Classroom technology for hybrid teaching” sessions?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Dimos, I am just adding one for the 27th and there will be more to follow. Book from the blog post.

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