Laptop loans

Information Services have been working to provide a number of different laptop loan options to our students. We’ve introduced the 2 week and 3 month loan periods to try to address specific needs of students during lockdown.

4-hour loans
If you have booked a place to study in the library you can use your student card to borrow a laptop for 4 hours. You borrow these from the laptop loans cabinets which are within the study area of Level 2. These laptops are not issued with a power supply so you will need to return them within the 4 hour period. If you are still studying in the library you can return one laptop and borrow another one.

2 Week loans
If you only need to borrow a device in the short term, for example, your device is being repaired or you have a new device on order. You can borrow a laptop from the laptop loans cabinet near the entrance in the library and this will be issued to you for 2 weeks. These laptops are issued with power supplies.

Digital poverty laptop loans
You can apply for a laptop via the digital poverty scheme. These devices are usually loaned to you for 1 academic year at a time (up to end May of current academic year). This page will give more information about the scheme and how to apply

Medium-term Laptop loans
We also have laptops which can be loaned for a little bit longer from the library. You will need to fill in this webform to provide us with as much information as possible to allow us to make a decision as to your eligibility for a device. These are ideal for those awaiting the outcome of a Digital Poverty fund application or anyone who has a good reason to need an extended loan.