Stirling to join Royal Society Journals Agreement: free Open Access Publishing

From 1st January Stirling will be joining the Royal Society Journals ”Read and Publish” Agreement for 2021.

This means in return for a one-off payment by the Library, Stirling authors will have free uncapped open access publishing in all the Royal Society journals:

Open access publication is free at the point of publication to the author – the costs have already been covered by the subscription fee paid by the library. The only requirement is that the Stirling author is the corresponding author.

Eligible authors will be automatically identified– there is no need to apply to Stirling’s APC Fund or inform the Library when publishing in these journals as the corresponding author.

The “Read and Publish’ deal means that as well as publishing for free, the payment also covers Stirling students and staff being able to read current articles in these journals, as well as the archive of older volumes. Some of the older volumes go back as far as the 17th century. Philosophical Transactions is more than 350 years old; it is the world’s first science journal and pioneered the concepts of scientific priority and peer review.

The Agreement commences on 1st January 2021 and runs until 31st December 2021.

The University is a member of a number of agreements supporting the move to greater open access for our research, in cost efficient ways – see our Publisher Memberships and Transformative Arrangements page. The new Royal Society Agreement will be added to this page soon.

Clare Allan
Senior Research Librarian