Top ten papers from our Research Repository in July #StirTopTenPapers

During July there were 46,833 downloads from our University repository, STORRE, covering 5,650 research publications.

The top ten downloaded items were:

1. Decomposing the misery index: A dynamic approach. By Cohen, Ivan K; Ferretti, Fabrizio; McIntosh, Bryan Downloads: 352

2. Improved Binary Similarity Measures for Software Modularization. By Naseem, Rashid; Deris, Mustafa Bin Mat; Maqbool, Onaiza; Li, Jingpeng; Shahzad, Sarah; Shah, Habib Downloads: 303

3. The Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights: An Overview. By Cruft, Rowan; Liao, S Matthew; Renzo, Massimo Downloads: 257

4. A Systematic Review of the Impact of Summative Assessment and Tests on Students’ Motivation for Learning. Harlen, Wynne; Crick, Ruth Deakin; Broadfoot, Patricia; Daugherty, Richard; Gardner, John; James, Mary; Stobart, Gordon Downloads: 248

5. Teacher agency: what is it and why does it matter? Priestley, Mark; Biesta, Gert; Robinson, Sarah Downloads: 193

6. Risk and protective factors for suicide and suicidal behaviour: a literature review. By McLean, Joanne; Maxwell, Margaret; Platt, Stephen; Harris, Fiona; Jepson, Ruth Downloads: 186

7. Exploring what the Notion of ‘Lived Experience’ Offers for Social Policy Analysis (Forthcoming/Available Online). By McIntosh, Ian; Wright, Sharon Downloads: 179

8. Review of recirculation aquaculture system technologies and their commercial application. By Murray, Francis; Bostock, John; Fletcher, David Downloads: 167

9. The Origins of Lewin’s Three Step Model of Change. By Burnes, Bernard Downloads: 159

10. Gene expansion shapes genome architecture in the human pathogen Lichtheimia corymbifera: an evolutionary genomics analysis in the ancient terrestrial mucorales (Mucoromycotina). By Schwartze, Volker U; Winter, Sascha; Shelest, Ekaterina; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Horn, Fabian; Wehner, Stefanie; Linde, Jorg; Valiante, Vito; Sammeth, Michael; Riege, Konstantin; Nowrousian, Minou; Kaerger, Kerstin; Jacobsen, Ilse D; Marz, Manja; Brakhage, Downloads: 146


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