Top ten papers from our Research Repository in April #StirTopTenPapers

During April there were 53,308 downloads from our University repository, STORRE, covering 5,868 research publications.

The top ten downloaded items were:

1. Career transitions in sport: European perspectives. By Wylleman, Paul; Alfermann, Dorothee; Lavallee, David Downloads: 440

2. A Systematic Review of the Impact of Summative Assessment and Tests on Students’ Motivation for Learning. By Harlen, Wynne; Crick, Ruth Deakin; Broadfoot, Patricia; Daugherty, Richard; Gardner, John; James, Mary; Stobart, Gordon Downloads: 421

3. Career transitions. By Gordon, Sandy; Lavallee, David Downloads: 347

4. Exercise, protein metabolism, and muscle growth. By Tipton, Kevin; Wolfe, Robert R Downloads: 346

5. Curriculum for Excellence: ‘A brilliant idea, but. . .’ By Priestley, Mark; Minty, Sarah Downloads: 229

6. Pedagogy: the silent partner in early years learning. By Stephen, Christine Downloads: 207

7. Taking active learning into the primary school: a matter of new practices? By Stephen, Christine; Ellis, Jennifer; Martlew, Joan Downloads: 198

8. Inclusion for all? By Allan, Julie Downloads: 193

9. Burnout in sport: A systematic review. By Goodger, Kate; Gorely, Trish; Lavallee, David; Harwood, Chris Downloads: 193

10. Employer Demands from Business Graduates. By McMurray, Stephen; Dutton, Matthew; McQuaid, Ronald; Richard, Alec Downloads: 189


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