Teams takes off!

Not surprisingly with the rapid move to remote working we’ve all experienced over the last 3 weeks, there has been a massive uptake of Teams across the university.

The graph below shows the take off of Teams.  The first peak is in the last week we were on site as people were preparing for working for home and the highest peak is on Monday 23rd March, the first day of the lockdown.  You can see that chats and posts were the most used parts of Teams at this time.  We now have a total of 1592 teams (we had about 200 at the start of the Office 365 rollout project last October).

We’ve now got on average 1,000 people using SharePoint each day, 2,000 Teams users, 6,000 chat messages, 3,000 channel messages, 500 calls and 400 meetings per day.   Phew!

Despite only being launched with IS, SharePoint too has seen a burst of life in the new locked-down world.

Supporting Teams

After the initial stampede to get everyone working remotely, we are now seeing more complex questions coming in from staff as they get settled in for the long haul.  For example, we’ve been asked (and answered) the following:

  • How to run an exam board meeting in Teams (guidance for Faculty requested)
  • How to run fitness classes in Teams
  • How to run open café type events in Teams
  • How to run events that include externals
  • How to record/prevent recording of Teams meetings

And so on…..

It’s been a real challenge to learn a new technology under such pressure, but the Info Centre team are now armed with some answers.  We are still posting Covid related FAQs in our Covid19 Support for Staff tile in UniDesk but have also started developing a new UniDesk section on Teams

We still have our Office365 Rollout team on the go so if anybody would like to feedback any useful Teams tips that’d be great.