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Last chance – Office 365 Overview session for staff

The last of our Office 365 Overview sessions for staff is on Friday 6th March, 13.00-c14.00 in Lecture Theatre A3. You can sign-up for the final session using our online form.

Over the last 3 weeks we have run 6 sessions for staff to outline the process for moving our data from Box and into Office 365. The sessions have been very well attended – thanks to all those who came along.

If you can’t make the final session or would like to see the slides, these are now available on our SharePoint training site ‘Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways‘ (on the ‘Ask questions and get help’ page).

What happens now?
IS will start to approach Faculties/Service Areas to start to plan the migration of your team data from Box to SharePoint. We will set up your SharePoint sites for you. We will then take each area through the migration plan detailed in the presentation slides.

When will our data be migrated?
Thanks to those areas that have volunteered to go early in the process – we are currently in the process of deciding a migration schedule based on volume of data in Box and willingness/capacity to engage with the process.

What should I be doing in the meantime?
3 things:
> go through your current box folders and delete anything you don’t want to transfer over to Office365. To delete box content, click on the ellipsis to the right of the file/folder, select ‘More actions’ then ‘Bin’
> start thinking about how your Faculty/Service Area might want to organise your team content in SharePoint.
> have a look at the training materials in our SharePoint training site to get a basic introduction to OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

Questions can be directed to the Information Centre.

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